I believe that a ceramicist shares an equal relationship with the clay. One side should not dominate the other, but share in the formation of a finished piece. I rely on the clay to help in the decision making on the appearance of the final piece. The designs are not pre-conceived images, but are revealed to me through the spontaneous placement of the clay. I depend on the guidance of the clay to help in the choice of the decorative process. Patience and great care is taken to make sure that the extruded work adheres to the clay body so that they become a homogeneous blend. My intention is to create a visually and texturally interesting design to stimulate the senses of sight and touch.

  I believe that art serves many purposes-- to be interesting and challenging, to create peace and harmony and to make a statement. I have tried to incorporate this philosophy into my artwork.

Hilda Kidd-Barber

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